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My Intro

Hello - I thought I'd go ahead and post my intro and answer the questions while I had the nerve!

1. What is your gender and age? 23/F
2. Where are you at/from? I'm currently in West Georgia, and grew up in Middle Georgia.
3. What is your religion? I'm a Christian, though not as strong as I'd like to be.
4. How did you and your last boyfriend/girlfriend break up/why? Never actually had a boyfriend (pathetic isn't it?)...just a few "short-term flings." The last one ended badly - and I'm trying to forget it. Everyone makes mistakes right?
5. What are you like (bad girl/boy, book worm, etc)? Hmmm...I'm special. I'm actually a work-a-holic because I try to avoid my lack of social life. I'm SERIOUSLY TRYING to change that though, and be more comfortable with myself so that I CAN have a social life, get a boyfriend, make friends etc. I have a feeling I'd be a little bit of a bad girl if given the chance. :)
6. If you had one last day left on this earth, how would you spend it? Let's see - I would eat all of my favorite foods, probably go bungee jumping or something equally dangerous and exciting. I'd tell everyone I knew and loved that I loved them (especially a certain someone I try to hide it from) and just spend the time doing everything that I loved.
7. Do you like to cuddle, or do you do it every now and then? I quite like my space and don't like feeling trapped, but I'll admit that I crave the warmth of another person every now and then.
8. What kind of music do you listen to? I'm 23 but I love me some classic rock and oldies. Give me some Chicago, Genesis, Phil Collins, Foreigner, America - some names like that and I'll be happy!
9. If we were go meet and go on a date, where would you take me/what would we do? I'd love to take you to a park or a lake and just spend the time out in the sun by the water. I'm the nature-y picnic/grilling out sorta gal.
10. How would you "wine and dine" me? Hopefully I'd know a little about you and what you liked to do so I could make sure I impressed you with incorporating it in a creative way.
11. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind? At home I have two cats and a dog. I don't have any here with me at school, but I'd love to have a Siberian Husky (or two) one day.
12. What kind of movies do you watch/what are your favs? I normally go for the random Sundance Festival types - ones that aren't totally mainstream but that are based on life stories and/or issues. I like movies of all kinda though, and my favorites are Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet, Closer, Garden State, and GATTACA.
13. Why should I say yes to you? Well - at the very least I'm odd enough to be interesting. I think the best thing about me is that once you become my friend I'm there for you 100% - will drop anything I'm doing to help you in any way I can. I'm witty too, so I'll keep you laughing!

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