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Been awhile, and I've moved so an Update

1. What is your gender and age? 29 Female

2. Where are you at/from? Fairmont, WV

3. What is your religion? Err none really, Agnostic I guess

4. How did you and your last boyfriend/girlfriend break up/why? He was abusive, it's been about 5 1/2 years since then

5. What are you like (bad girl/boy, book worm, etc)? A girl geek, gamer, home body

6. If you had one last day left on this earth, how would you spend it?I guess with friends, playing some games

7. Do you like to cuddle, or do you do it every now and then? I rather like cuddling with the right person

8. What kind of music do you listen to? Oh anything, everything. My Go List on my MP3 player ranges from Richard Cheese, John Barrowman, Eminem, Indian music, Glenn Miller, J-pop, I'll listen to most anything. Though the Monkees(Nesmith specifically) and The Beatles rank high for me

9. If we were go meet and go on a date, where would you take me/what would we do? Oh, I wouldn't mind going out for some dinner, then some where we can talk, and if he's a gamer too maybe a few friendly two player games, ya know old school Bomber Man, or some Burnout or DOA Volleyball

10. How would you "wine and dine" me? Umm, not sure I've never wined or dined anyone

11. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind? No pets at the moment, love cats though.

12. What kind of movies do you watch/what are your favs? Much like music I'll try and watch anything once. Some of my faves are Wizard of Oz, Boondock Saints, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Ringu, Tale of Two Sisters, Millennium Actress, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Tokyo Drift, Shaun of the Dead

13. Why should I say yes to you? I'm smart, funny, cute (ok so my mom tells me), I'm quirky, and just fun to be around
You can find me on Y! with Purple_peril00

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