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Big, Beautiful, Single

A Place for BBWs, BBMs, and their admirers to Mingle

Big Beautiful Singles
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All Members , Moderated
Hey all... this is a community for Big Beautiful Women and Men who are single to mingle and then take it from there :) I want this to be a place where anyone can post (whether you are a BBW/BBM or are just looking for one). So have fun all, and maybe you'll find someone as Big and Beautiful as yourself on here.

Just a few things to keep in mind...
* This community will let you take it as far as you are comfortable with, although if you are going to make a post with offensive (read rated R or above) words/topics, please put it behind a cut so people can choose if they want to read it/see it. Beyond that, just post about yourself and comment to others about whatever you feel.

* Here are some questions that you may want to answer in your first post about yourself... Special thanks to needmorezoloft for the questions...
1. What is your gender and age?
2. Where are you at/from?
3. What is your religion?
4. How did you and your last boyfriend/girlfriend break up/why?
5. What are you like (bad girl/boy, book worm, etc)?
6. If you had one last day left on this earth, how would you spend it?
7. Do you like to cuddle, or do you do it every now and then?
8. What kind of music do you listen to?
9. If we were go meet and go on a date, where would you take me/what would we do?
10. How would you "wine and dine" me?
11. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?
12. What kind of movies do you watch/what are your favs?
13. Why should I say yes to you?